Monday, October 11, 2010

From YES WE CAN!!! to YES WE CAN???

Barack Hussein Obama, is still our president, right? Stupid question...of course he is. He's mine for sure. However, I've followed some presidential politics and I haven't seen such an outpouring of ridiculous accusations on a political figure, since...Jimmy Carter...who. mind you. was the last one-term US president in recent memory. From the questions of his citizenship, political affiliation (socialist, communist - see stupid photo above, anything but democracy), religion, and capability to a sore-loser, hostile House and Senate Republican minority (who's fighting hard to regain majority status), as well as recent inner sanctum staff changes...our beloved Prez has a long, bumpy political road to 2012...heavy is the head who wears the crown, huh?

What does Obama need to do to return to the good graces of the fickle-ass voting public???

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