Monday, March 30, 2009

Entertain Yourself

Jamie Foxx's career inspires me. Living Color, The Jamie Foxx Show, Collateral, Ray, second actor after Al Pacino to receive two acting Oscar A-list cat, no doubt about it.

I ain't gonna lie, I thought he might be taking it too far with the music career. "Party all the time," anyone?

Don't laugh, if you're 35 or over, you know you have this album somewhere.

Jamie Foxx somehow avoided this fate, and while this may be late, as a hit song, I have to give "Blame It" its credit. I'm dancing with Wanda Jackson right now, damn it!

As for the video, well, Hype Williams, I can't give credit. You can blame it on the l-l-l-l lack of creativity. Anyone tired of the popping bottles, pimpology, and primping chics??? Jake Gyllenhaal??? Ron "Opie" Howard??? (Alright, I ain't gonna lie, he did look kinda slick). A dancing Panda???

Click below to experience the alcohol fueled madness for yourself:

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