Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am Malawi's keeper.

I'm on record. I've drunk the Madonna/Madge Kool Aid since Material Girl. But, if adopting poor, orphaned Malawi kids has become the new luxury item for A-listers (Angelina Jolie, this means your fine ass too), I'm all for it.

Yes, dammit, it's wealth privilege millenium-style, it just seems wrong, that chick Lady Gaga and whatever the hell she's singing...but I don't see any Black A-listers (other than Oprah) doing anything in Africa...maybe they're too busy counting the Maybach's parked in their driveways. Whatever.

I see the future, and it happens weeks after Madonna's estate gets settled. David Banda-Ciccone-Ritchie might be 40 or so (depending on how long Madge holds up).

Malawi becomes the richest country in Africa. Watch.

Read about Malawi's reaction to Madonna's latest orphan shopping spree:

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