Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gifts We Dig...Kinda.

Ramp up the imagination fellas...

As 2011 streaks toward Valentines Day, fellas, I know what you're thinking, what do I buy my woman, lady friend, wife, GF, mistress (heh-heh) that I ain't get her before????

Hmm...chocolate infused with edible Laotian wildflowers, 1000 Siberian roses, lingerie woven from Venusian silkworms, a ten-carat Corinthian diamond (wink-wink CZ) ring, lingerie woven from South Pacific swimming caterpillars, heart-shaped clay adult toys crafted by Aleutian seven year olds, grass lingerie designed by Pigmy artisans, an impromptu South Pacific pig farming vacation...maybe? However, I'm sure your significant other would never guess this:

Just a lil bit more to the left please...
감사합니다 kamsahamnida (Korean for "Thank You")

Vaginal Steam Therapy ("VST") is coming to a Spa near you!!! Yes, Vaginal Steam therapy is sweeping the nation...oh, what is Vaginal Steam therapy, you ask? 

According to a December 20th, 2010 LA Times article, Vaginal steam baths, called chai-yok, are said to reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid infertility, among many other health benefits. In Korea, many women steam regularly after their monthly periods. 

And you have the privilege of accessing the world's most comprehensive VST info list this side of those folks/amateurs from Google:

  1. Dudes, you'll impress your friends with your creative, hygienic gift.  Ladies, be the first on your block to get one! If you're not living in Koreatown, that is.  Think about it.  Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a freshly steamed Vag. 
  2. Coming to a Spa near you! VST! VST! VST!

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