Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Loko...for real!!!

Unless you've lived in a collapsed Chilean mine shaft over the last several months, you've heard of this stuff.  Alcohol (equivalent to 4 beers) + Caffeine, Taurine and Guarana (stimulants, heh-heh)...and this combo's blamed for a drunken melange of accidents, deaths, underage chaos and who knows what.  Anyone from NYC's billionaire mayor Bloomberg, to the FDA has weighed in on the satanic brew.  But has anyone thought of this...any alcoholic concoction coined not-so-cleverly, "Four" (or "For") "Loko" (or "Loco", Spanish for crazy), get it? "For crazy"...awful grammar in any language.

There's several bodegas (corner convenience stores) in my hood that carry this Four Loko brew, so I decided to take one for my fans.  So before its completely banned I would try this stuff, then chronicle it's effects on me...then I realized some brave individual (in this instance "brave individual" equals "attention whore") must've done here he is, filmmaker K. Ryan Jones: Mr. Jones,, film made ""...why???

 Regardless, kudos for sacrificing your personal safety for the sake of art, you really put your life on the line, the ladies dig that stuff...warm regards, TheAfro-Elitist.

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