Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts We Dig...Kinda.

Another sign the recession's over, Steven Seagal's barber-back in business.'s Christmas, and you're tired of cruising retailers, or the web, for (fake or real) Louie V, I-Pad's, X-Box, and what-have-you. Or, you're still suffering recession blues and you can't afford anything over 30 bucks, soooo your options are pretty limited. There's no need to fear, the Fushigi (Fu-shee-gee) is here! 

I get what you're sayin' dude..."Fushigi my nigi."

A Japanese word, "Fushigi" can mean "Mysterious/Wondrous/Magical" in different contexts (thanks Wikipedia). Consequently, none of these definitions relate to the "contact juggling" phenomenon called Fushigi.

  Do I stand corrected? (Predictable comment in 3...2...1) Hell to the effin no...but if you want to build a case for purchasing this rotating ball it out for yourself!!!

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