Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If I Could Live Forever...Hmmm....

I dig your swag Mick, but you'd slurp Kim Kardashian's liposuction runoff to become Pope of Greenwich Village again. No worries Mick, science can save you the humiliation.

Don't know if any of y'all read about this, but Harvard scientists reversed the aging process in some lab rats. The rats were specially engineered to age prematurely and these Harvard (did I mention they were from Harvard?) scientists stimulated a gene (responsible for the aging process) and voila!  80 year old rats, regressed, oh, 30 years or so...restoring all sorts of cell functions, and physical activity, including virility (heh-heh).

Now you can read the article about this phenomenon...but I'm thinking of a few ways I can "game" this technology, despite no evidence of this breakthrough working on humans (but we know it's coming to a doctor, a very expensive doctor near you).  Imagine the age paradoxes- if you can afford to pursue them!!!!

One age paradox came to mind...hmmm...Completely frustrate my son's friends by growing old, then " mysteriously disappear" for a year, or so...get the anti-aging treatment, then return as their next door neighbor...befriend him and his beautiful 25 year old model wife, charm her, then sleep with the model wife, then "mysteriously disappear" while the treatment wears off and attend their wedding anniversary party sporting a new nickname "Pops". Classic.  Note to self: get a son...hmmm.

Anyone else think of some great or not-so-great "age paradoxes"?  Please share or read about the anti aging tech below.

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